September 18, 2016 Yaakov Lyons
funCan you think of something fun?

…OK.  If you thought of watching slapstick comedy, good for you.  If you thought of playing an instrument, rehearsing for a show, or getting “in the zone” while writing, you’re Yale material.

We all know that fun can come from all kinds of experiences—even technically challenging ones.

Why is that?  Fun is the feeling we have when life’s concerns fade away and, for a moment, we become totally absorbed in an activity.  (Complete focus on what we’re experiencing is what roller coasters, sports, and painting all have in common.)  We think we need to do activities that society labels as “fun” to have a fun life.  Ironically, fun isn’t actually dependent on what we do, but how we focus to experience life while we’re living it.

If we learn to focus on what we’re doing as we’re doing it, living life one moment at a time, our everyday experiences will become more enjoyable.

That’s one of the reasons why Jews rest from work on Shabbat.  Temporarily setting aside our goal-oriented mindset and appreciating the moment is a key to happiness, fulfillment, and, of course, fun.

Based on ideas from Rabbi Jack Cohen


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