Just one thing to do first…

Just one thing to do first…
January 20, 2017 Yaakov Lyons

by Rabbi Rick Fox

With all the pomp & circumstance surrounding today’s inauguration, I have been contemplating one thing: What is the right way to take on a new position?

Moses was selected by to God to become the greatest prophet, lawgiver, and savior of the Jewish nation. This is probably the greatest mission in human history.

And Moses does something unbelievable. Instead of dropping everything and running to Egypt, he rushed to his father-in-law’s house and said “Let me go, please.”

His father-in-law replied, “Go to peace.”

All of us have dreams and aspirations of doing great things with our lives; perhaps we, too, wish to have leadership roles. Will we consider what we are leaving behind when we ascend to prominence? Moses might not have needed his father-in-law’s permission to assume his role–but showing respect is always the right way to act.

And when the “big break” comes for each of us, the respect that we show to our loved ones will reveal what kind of leaders we truly wish to become.




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