Back from MEOR Israel

Back from MEOR Israel
July 5, 2015 Yaakov Lyons

I wish we were all still there together!

A few weeks ago we returned from MEOR Israel- the most amazing trip I have ever been on.  I joined with Yalies and Penn students for two weeks of touring, learning, and connecting under the leadership of Rabbi Yoni Spinka, Rabbi Jack Cohen, (the famous) Ms. Calanit Cohen from MEOR at the University of Pennsylvania, and Ms. Esther Miller (soon to be famous- MEOR Manhattan!).

Since this was my first time on MEOR Israel, I saw it from both the perspective of the staff and the perspective of someone who is on MEOR Israel for the first time.

I left feeling uplifted from what I saw in places that no other tours go-

Inspired and challenged by the lessons that the Penn staff taught-

Honored to have spent two weeks with the most amazing group of people-

& filled with an excitement for living that we discovered together.

Ask someone who went before- there is no other trip like it.

Oh, and next year- MEOR at Yale is going to Greece first.


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