When no one else is looking

When no one else is looking
July 5, 2015 Yaakov Lyons

by Rabbi Jack Cohen:

Since so much of what we do is now broadcast to our 1,000 closest friends, it’s become much more difficult to discern who we really are.

Is the photograph truly capturing a joy we already had, or are we smiling for the photograph?

Doesn’t part of us want to keep hugging our friend after the picture’s been taken to prove to them- and ourselves- that the hug was genuine?

How much of what we are living is for others to see?

In the YouTube/Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram Age, it seems more than ever that Life imitates Art and then at once creates an Art that imitates Life. But it leaves us with the question: what kind of Life is that?

How many times a day do we have opportunities to do things or not do things without anyone knowing one way or the other?

These are the truest moments in our day. They are the stuff of who we really are. When no one else is looking, we can finally see ourselves.


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