Mitochondrial Lovin’

Mitochondrial Lovin’
August 24, 2016 Yaakov Lyons


Think of how many people at Yale are absolutely in love with their work in the most challenging, technical, and sometimes esoteric fields.  Do people who spend countless hours studying mitochondrial DNA on Science Hill end up there because they have an innate love of mitochondria?  (Honestly—maybe.)

But there is another
way to fall in love with something—
Think for a second; what sport, project, or job have you invested the most effort into? (Pick something you chose to devote yourself to, not something you felt compelled to do.)
What are you thinking of: Running?  A thesis?  A challenging internship?

Now that you have it in mind—how does it make you feel?

Do you love it?


In Hebrew, the word for “love” (ahava), comes from the word “give” (hav).  Love and giving are related, not just because we give when we love, but because giving so much of ourselves actually engenders love.

If you want to love something (or someone) more, dedicate yourself to it.  This might be surprising, but if you try it …you might just love it.  ❤️


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