MEOR Fellowship

Why Attend the MEOR Fellowship at Yale University?

You came to Yale because you are passionate and driven to excel.  While pursuing the best education, you challenge assumptions and contend with the ideas that shape our world.  No less than our academic pursuits, our Jewish identity needs development if it is to be a relevant part of our lives and allow us to live a more inspired and meaningful future.  Attending the Fellowship sessions a few times a month is a great way to meet new people, enjoy delicious food, and let the sophistication of Jewish thought surprise you.


Through guided group discussion, exploration of classic Jewish texts, and the insight of our experienced MEOR Fellowship educators, you will discover your Jewish identity in an entirely new way.  Our educational content is engaging, substantive, intelligent, and empowering.


As with all of MEOR’s programs, our goal is to allow you to learn in a personal and experiential way.  As part of the Fellowship, you will participate in an engaging sessions accompanied by a delicious dinner, enjoy a full Shabbat experience, and join us on optional discounted trips to Israel and Europe.


Because our learning has such a strong discussion component, and because we share multiple Jewish experiences together, you are bound to form social bonds with other Yalies that are anything but superficial.

MEOR Fellowship FAQ

Q. Is a prior Jewish education required for acceptance?

A. No. There are no requirements regarding the level of Jewish education.  Since we explore each topic both on a basic and a sophisticated level, students without a formal Jewish education and also those with a more extensive background can both gain a tremendous amount.

Q. What is the goal of the program?

A. The MEOR Fellowship at Yale aims to empower modern-day Jewish college students with the information and inspiration necessary to become passionate Jewish leaders of the next generation.  Our belief at MEOR is that ignorance of Jewish texts and philosophy is the greatest impediment to young Jews making Judaism an integral feature of their lives and taking an active role in their communities. Through educational lectures, guest speakers, and experiential field trips (Shabbat programs, cultural events, etc…), MEOR offers qualified students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a thought-provoking Jewish environment, where they can confront great life questions and explore how ancient Jewish wisdom can connect with modern Jewish leaders.

Q. What is the MEOR Maimonides Leaders Fellowship?

A. The MEOR Fellowship at Yale is equivalent to the MEOR Maimonides Leaders Fellowship at other universities that you may have heard about. Of course, each Fellowship has its own unique flavor.  You may see MEOR National refer to our program as the “MEOR Maimonides Leaders Fellowship.”

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