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M EOR has been able to establish a presence on 21 leading university campuses in less than a decade of existence. Established by prominent Jewish educational leader Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld, MEOR is fast becoming a first destination on campus for students to experience a meaningful and personal encounter with their Jewish identity.
E ach one of our staff members is carefully chosen as an individual with a deep knowledge of Jewish texts and tradition; the ability to communicate our heritage in an engaging and accessible way; and a personality marked by sincerity, sensitivity, and caring.
O ur choice of campuses on which to establish a presence is no less careful than our choice of staff. MEOR makes an effort to provide its programming to students at campuses with a proven track record of academic excellence as well as campuses with a large Jewish student population. Our aim is to connect with tomorrow’s Jewish leaders, and it’s on such campuses that they’re most likely to be found.
R each out to a MEOR staff person on your campus or on the campus of your child and find out how it is that MEOR is changing the way young Jews think about their Jewishness. Discover (or rediscover) a way of thinking that is as profound as it is relevant and experiences that are as uplifting as they are fun.

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