What is Meor at Yale?

Meor is a vibrant Jewish community at Yale—centered around social connections, learning, and trips—and is open to students from all Jewish backgrounds.  We believe that the best form of Jewish education is empowering students to engage with great Jewish thinkers from throughout history.   By approaching Jewish thought in a sophisticated way, we find profound insights that are surprisingly relevant to our lives. 

In the Words of Students

  • It’s an incredibly open forum for any kind of exploration of Jewish spirituality or identity.  They really try to bring you the best resources on any subject that they can find...  This program is really unique and offers something completely different.

    Hannah AremYale University
  • MEOR introduced me to Judaism as something much greater than I experienced before.  I learned that Judaism is academic, communal, spiritual, and so much more—all at once!  MEOR opened avenues for me to explore what Judaism may mean for me as a Jew in the larger sense and, specifically, as a young woman.

    Amanda TroxlerNorthwestern University
  • A lot of college students are hesitant to participate in a Jewish learning program because they think a certain mindset is going to be pushed on them.  That is not the situation with MEOR.  They tell you where they are coming from and make the case for why this could add value to your life.

    Julian GindiGeorge Washington University
  • Only now, looking back at the past three years, can I begin to appreciate the doors that MEOR opened for me while I was a student at Penn.  For the first time, a panorama of Torah and Judaism was shown to me as just that – a panorama – placed in my hands to choose or leave behind. The weekly lectures sparked my interest in the big philosophical questions of Judaism, while the one-on-one learning allowed me to work through my own personal questions.  The Shabbatons reminded me that there is a whole world of vibrant Jewish life outside the college bubble, and perhaps most impacting on me, the program exposed me to some of the most inspiring Jews I had ever met— people whose breadth, depth, and passion have helped me to find my own place among the Jewish people.

    Jack CohenUniversity of Pennsylvania
  • I was raised with a strong sense of my Jewish identity but MEOR opened my eyes to a Judaism that I have never experienced before, showing me the beauty and importance of Jewish ideals and thought.  Our classes were taught by some of the most unbelievable minds that I have ever encountered, and my first trip to the Holy Land with MEOR was an unforgettable journey.

    Amanda GlassmanYale University